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Feb. 22, 2023

Minerva-funded Research Integrated into NATO Assessment, "Children in Violent Extremism Organisations in the Middle East and Africa"

Minerva-funded Researcher, Dr. Mia Bloom's (Georgia State University) project on children in violent extremism (2015-2021) was integrated into the NATO Assessment, “Children in Violent Extremism Organisations in the Middle East and Africa”. This assessment helped determine that there is a need to better identify child recruitment patterns, especially in relation to the areas experiencing growing Violent Extremism Organisations (VEO) activity across Africa.

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New Minerva-funded study: "Transcultural Pathways to the Will to Fight"
By | June 7, 2023
Upon entry into WWII, the United States committed to unconditional victory through overwhelming force. But paramount focus on material capacity to the neglect of “will to fight” in subsequent regional wars—Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan—has carried woeful costs in lives, treasure, and policy failures. This nearly happened with Ukraine. Despite political and military leaders acknowledging its importance after the fact, consensus remains that will to fight is “imponderable.” Without rigorously assessing nonmaterial sensibilities, including among civilian populations, conflict can appear intractable or only resolvable with massive force, and the United States and partners may continue to overrate or underrate allies, armies, and peoples in disregard of the spirit that can only arise from one’s own cultural identity and values.
DoD Awards $18 Million for Academic Research on the Socio-Political Drivers of Future Conflict
By | May 31, 2023
The Department of Defense today announced $18 million in grants to 11 university-based faculty teams under its Minerva Research Initiative, which supports basic research in social and behavioral sciences on topics of particular relevance to U.S. national security.

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