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Autocratic Stability During Regime Crises

PI: Joseph Wright, Pennsylvania State University

Year selected for award: 2012

Autocratic Stability During Regime Crises

Principal Investigator: Joseph Wright, Pennsylvania State University

Co-Investigators: James Honaker, Harvard University

Years of Award: 2012-2015

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Project Description:

This project develops a better understanding of the relationship between foreign engagement of dictatorships, state-led violence in these countries, and the potential for democratic and non-violent regime change. The databases constructed for this research will have a broad impact for research on international conflict in non-democracies; foreign relations with autocratic countries; the integration of government and rebel fighters when civil wars end; the behavior of foreign militaries after regime change; and counter-terrorism effort in autocratic countries.

Select Publications:

John Chin, Wonjun Song, and Joseph Wright. “Personalization of Power and Mass Uprisings in Dictatorships.” Under review.
Wonjun Song. “Dictators, Personalized Security Forces, and Coups.” Under review.
Joseph Wright. 2020. Political Science Research and Methods. “The Structure of Autocratic Rule.”  Forthcoming.
Erica Frantz, Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Joseph Wright, and Xu Xu. 2020. “Personalization of Power and Repression in Dictatorships.” Journal of Politics. 82(1):372-377
Wonjun Song and Joseph Wright. 2018. “The North Korean Autocracy in Comparative Perspective.”  Journal of East Asian Studies. 18(2): 157-180
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