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Complex Linkages, Ambivalent Ties

PI: Erik Gartzke, University of California, San Diego

Year selected for award: 2019

Complex Linkages, Ambivalent Ties: Global Security and Economic Interdependence in the 21st Century

Principal Investigator: Erik Gartzke, University of California, San Diego

Co-Investigators: Jiakun Jack Zhang, University of Kansas; Neil Narang, University of California, Santa Barbara; Jon Lindsay, University of Toronto; Benjamin Graham, University of Southern California

Years of Award: 2021 - 2023

Managing Service Agency: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Project Description:
A key long term benefit to DoD policymakers from our work will be the development and wide dissemination of the new Global Economic Interdependence Dataset. These data will provide the DoD with a laboratory within which to run countless analyses to guide defense strategy. The release of the new dataset will benefit the broader community of scholars and practitioners, who may then act as a “force-multiplier” in running thousands of additional analyses with the potential to inform DoD policy.