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News | July 26, 2019

Mia Bloom's New Study Entitled: The Jihadi Archive - A Database of Terrorist Tactics and Techniques

Grant Will Fund Terror Research on ISIS Propaganda. 2019. Georgia State University, Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative.

The Department of Defense is funding a new grant to expand research on the inner working of Jihadi Terrorist groups and analyze their encrypted propaganda. The original project, Documenting the Virtual Caliphate (DVC), collected and archived thousands of pieces of ISIS propaganda, images, memes, and breaking news. Dr. Mia Bloom, Minerva researcher and Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, will head up the new study entitled: The Jihadi Archive-A Database of Terrorist Tactics and Techniques.

The grant funds an expansion of the DVC searchable database of propaganda by adding new categories to the platform and continues to collect Jihadi propaganda in real time. The Minerva Research Initiative of the DoD is funding the project which is a critical component in the U.S. government’s anti-terror efforts. It will also allow other researchers the opportunity to study ISIS propaganda in the future.

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