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2019 Minerva Topics of Interest

Below represents the Minerva topics of interested for 2019. The FY19 Funding Opportunity Announcement (WHS-AD-FOA-19) is open and available on grants.gov. See the PDF link at the right for detailed descriptions of the 2019 Minerva Topics of Interest.

Topic 1: Peer/Near-peer Statecraft, Influence, and Regional Balance of Power
Topic 2: Power, Deterrence, and Escalation Management 
Topic 3: Alliances and Burden Sharing
Topic 4: Economic Interdependence and Security
Topic 5: Economic Viability, Resilience, and Sustainability of Logistics Infrastructure
Topic 6: Multi-Domain Behavioral Complexity and Computational Social Modeling 
Topic 7: Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Ethics, and Social Interactions
Topic 8: Models and Methods for Understanding Covert Online Influence
Topic 9: Automated Cyber Vulnerability Analysis

Important Dates:

  • June 6 - Last day for White Paper questions to topic area POCs
  • June 20 - White Papers Due by 1500 EDT
  • August 1 (anticipated) - Notification of initial evaluations of White Papers
  • September 12 - Last day for Full Proposal questions to topic area POCs
  • September 26 - Full Proposals Due by 1500 EDT
  • November 22 (anticipated) - Notification of selection for award

Minerva Topics of Interest

2019 Minerva Topics of Interest (PDF)