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2019 Minerva Topics of Interest

Below represents the Minerva topics of interested for FY19. We anticipate an open Funding Opportunity Announcement related to these topics in the near future. Further information will be forthcoming, when available. See the PDF link at the right for detailed descriptions of the 2019 Minerva Topics of Interest.

Topic 1: Peer/Near-peer Statecraft, Influence, and Regional Balance of Power
Topic 2: Power, Deterrence, and Escalation Management 
Topic 3: Alliances and Burden Sharing
Topic 4: Economic Interdependence and Security
Topic 5: Economic Viability, Resilience, and Sustainability of Logistics Infrastructure
Topic 6: Multi-Domain Behavioral Complexity and Computational Social Modeling 
Topic 7: Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Ethics, and Social Interactions
Topic 8: Models and Methods for Understanding Covert Online Influence
Topic 9: Automated Cyber Vulnerability Analysis

We anticipate a FOA being released related to these topics in the near future. Check back for details.