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News | Feb. 11, 2020

Michael Allen's new article, "Outside the Wire: U.S. Military Deployments and Public Opinion in Host States"

By Michael Allen, Michael E. Flynn, Carla Martinez Machain, and Andrew Stravers

How do citizens within countries hosting U.S. military personnel view that presence? Using new cross-national survey data from 14 countries, we examine how different forms of exposure to a U.S. military presence in a country affect attitudes toward the U.S. military, government, and people. We find that contact with U.S. military personnel or the receipt of economic benefits from the U.S. presence correlates with stronger support for the U.S. presence, people, and government. This study has profound implications for the role that U.S. installations play in affecting the social fabric of host nations and policy implications for the conduct of U.S. military activities outside the United States.

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Associated Minerva project:
The Political, Economic, and Social Effects of the United States' Overseas Military Presence