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News | March 3, 2020

Minerva-funded researcher speaks on "What I Learned From Scanning the Brains of Potential Terrorist"

By Nafees Hamid

A far-right nationalist opened fire in a hookah bar in Hanau, Germany, last month killing nine people. That same week, New Jersey raised the threat-assessment level of white extremists to a higher level than ISIS’.

How do we protect ourselves against attacks from white nationalists?

In the video, a cognitive scientist, Nafees Hamid, argues the answer lies in understanding the minds of radicalized Islamists.

He spent the past seven years studying supporters of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda and convinced more than 70 of them to have their brains scanned in an MRI. The results of two experiments show that we may have more power than we think to prevent the next white-nationalist attack.

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