News | Sept. 29, 2021

Minerva-funded researchers Mihaela Papa and Raj Verma New Publicaton in the Global Policy journal on India-China Conflict and BRICS.

By Mihaela Papa and Raj Verma

The September 2021 issue of Global Policy includes research articles on, among others, global poverty commitments, liberal states' responses to COVID-19, UN peace operations and Chinese investment in Africa.

There is also a special section entitled 'India-China Conflict and BRICS: Business as Usual?' edited by Minerva-funded researchers Raj Verma and Mihaela Papa. This section features articles "Scenarios for BRICS Evolution in Light of the India-China Conflict" and "BRICS amidst India-China Rivalry".

Associated Minerva-funded project: Rising Power Alliances and the Threat of a Parallel Global Order