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A Computational Model of Resources and Resiliency

PI: Tony Rivera, Duke University

Year Selected for Award: 2015

A Computational Model of Resources & Resiliency: Deploying the Elements of National Power for Strategic Influence

Principal Investigators: Tony Rivera, Duke University

Years of Award: 2015-2018

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Project Description:

We posit that resources are fundamental not only to power projection but also to group resistance and adaptation in dynamically changing contexts. Primarily we will develop an agent-based model of the strategic use of the elements of national power, modeled as resources, relying on work done in environmental science. We propose to research and model key relational attributes—fungibility, resilience to shocks, replenishment rates, access time, and time to market—between recognized elements of national power—diplomatic, informational, military, and economic, but also technological, energy, natural, and human.

Select Publications:

Rivera, Anthony, and James C. Wu. 2017. Cogscik: Clustering For Cognitive Science Motivated Decision Making.

Rivera,  Anthony, and Robert Schafer. 2017. SOF Operational Design And Strategic Education For The 21St Century Warrior-Scholar. Small Wars Journal.

Rivera, Anthony. 2016. Discursive Practices Of Honor: Rethinking Iran’s Nuclear Program. Foreign Policy Analysis.

Rivera, Anthony, Forthcoming. Iranian Strategic Influence: Grand Strategy and Information as the New Way of War.