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Spheres of Influence and Regional Orders

PI: Charles Glaser, George Washington University

Year Selected for Award: 2015

Spheres of Influence and Regional Orders: Assessing Approaches for Responding to China's Rise

Principal Investigator: Charles Glaser, George Washington University

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Years of Award: 2016-2019

Project Description:

The project will begin with an exploration of the basic concepts: What is a sphere of influence? Via what mechanisms do military capabilities, military alliances and economic cooperation create a sphere of influence? In the specific case of a rising China, what special challenges does a declining state face when striving to preserve its sphere of influence? The project will then explore a range of means (military, international institutions, economic policy, diaspora relations) that a state can employ in support of a sphere of influence or a regional order, or both.

Owl in the Olive Tree Post:

Glaser, Charles. 2019. Problems in Viewing China's Rise as a Threat to the Liberal International Order. July 23.

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