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Mobilizing Media in the Context of Terrorism

PI: Anthony Lemieux, Georgia State University

Year Selected for Award: 2015

Mobilizing Media: A Deep and Comparative Analysis of Magazines, Music, and Videos in the Context of Terrorism

Principal Investigator: Anthony Lemieux, Georgia State University

Co- Investigators: Carol Winkler, Jonathan Peslak, Akil Awan, Nellly Lahoud, Ben Miller, Jarret Brachman and Weeda Mehran.

Years of Award: 2015-2020

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Project Description:

The proposal seeks to examine the diverse components of successful online propaganda by extremist groups of great relevance to national security. Specifically, we will focus on magazines, music, and videos due to their complementary functions and recirculation patterns as linked content across social media and other sharing platforms. We propose a deep analysis of the propaganda campaigns of Al Qaeda & AQAP (since 2004) and ISIL (since inception) and affiliated actors. Al Shabaab's media production will also serve as a point of comparison to build theory regarding particular groups and their media products.

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