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The Social Ecology of Radicalization

PI: Noemie Bouhana, University College London (UK)

Year Selected for Award: 2015

The Social Ecology of Radicalization: A Foundation for the Design of CVE Initiatives and Their Evaluation

Principal Investigator: Noemie Bouhana, University College London (UK)

Years of Award: 2015-2018

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Project Description:

This project proposes to capitalize on knowledge and methods accrued in criminology to investigate 1) the characteristics of radicalizing settings (places where individuals undergo all or part of the process of radicalization, both geographic and virtual); 2) the processes of self- and social selection through which individuals end up exposed to these radicalizing settings; and 3) the systemic processes which promote (or suppress) the emergence of radicalizing settings and, hence, a social ecology favorable (or unfavorable) to radicalization.