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In order to move forward with our Phase 1 release of the new Minerva website, this is only a partial list of funded awards. Descriptions of all funded awards will be released throughout February.

Trafficking/terrorism nexus in Eurasia

Mariya Omelicheva, University of Kansas


Project Title: Trafficking/terrorism nexus in Eurasia
Principal Investigator: Mariya Omelicheva, University of Kansas

We propose to analyze the interface of drug trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism in Eurasia based on geo-referenced data, and to assess national and international response capabilities to the intersection of trafficking and terrorism. Core research questions:

• What is the nature of terrorism-criminal connections? (P1: spatial econometrics)
• What are the conditions under which terrorist-trafficking alliances are forged and change? (P2)
• What is the capacity of national and foreign governments and international organizations to prevent, monitor, and dismantle the trafficking/terrorism nexus? (P3: case study analysis of nine hotspots in Eurasia)