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Disruptive Effects of Autonomy

PI: Michael Horowitz, University of Pennsylvania

Year selected for award: 2017

The Disruptive Effects of Autonomy: Ethics, Trust, and Organizational Decision-making

Principal Investigator: Michael C. Horowitz, University of Pennsylvania

Co-Investigators: Allan Dafoe, Yale University; Julia Macdonald, University of Denver; and Jacquelyn Schneider, U.S. Naval War College

Years of Award: 2017-2020

Supporting Service Agency: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Project Description

Rapid advances in autonomous systems raise fascinating behavioral questions. In particular, for the Department of Defense, understanding how factors like trust, risk, and organizational incentives could shape the development, use and effectiveness of autonomous systems will be critical. This project seeks to understand the human, organizational, and political factors that will affect the willingness of individuals and bureaucracies to adopt autonomous systems, and the potential consequences of these attitudes. This project will bring together theories on adoption capacity and military technologies, theories on the societal effects of emerging technologies, and theories on what drives public attitudes concerning emerging technologies, to build a broader understanding of the disruptive behavioral effects of autonomy.

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