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Terrorism, Governance, and Development

PI: Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University

Year selected for award: 2009

Terrorism, Governance, and Development

Principal Investigator: Jacob N. Shapiro, Princeton University

Co-Investigators: Eli Berman, University of California, San Diego; Joshua Blumenstock, University of Washington; Jason Lyall, Yale University; Joseph Felter, Stanford University; David Laitin, Stanford University 

Years of Award: 2009-2015

Supporting Service Agency: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Project Description

The "Terrorism, Governance, and Development" project has focused on understanding how efforts to rebuild social and economic order in conflict and post-conflict regions can effectively reduce violence. Demonstrating the value of rigorous analysis of micro-level data on conflict and the policies implemented to prevent or resolve them, the project brings game-theoretic models--an approach of proven utility to the analysis of non-violent social systems--to the study of conflict. The project also helped establish the Empirical Studies of Conflict (ESOC) Project, which continues to be a resource for researchers working on insurgencies, civil wars, and other sources of politically motivated violence worldwide. 

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