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Science Genome: A Scholarly Graph Embedding Framework

PI: Yong Yeol Ahn, Indiana University

Year selected for award: 2018

Science Genome: A Scholarly Graph Embedding Framework to Uncover the Fundamental Dynamics of Scientific Enterprise

Principal Investigator: Yong Yeol Ahn, Indiana University

Co-Investigators: Staša Milojević - Indiana University; Alessandro Flammini - Indiana University; Filippo Menczer - Indiana University; and  Sriraam Natarajan - University of Texas at Dallas

Years of Award: 2019-2022

Managing Service Agency: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Project Description:

Discovering the regularities, or laws, that govern the evolution of scientific enterprise and innovations holds great potential to efficiently nurture a successful national scientific enterprise, which is vital for the prosperity, well-being, and defense of a nation. We identify the lack of unified quantitative frameworks as a key limitation of the current practices in science of science. Therefore, we propose to create a new quantitative framework, SCIENCE GENOME, that unifies the representation of all types of entities and encompasses coherent measurement and computation. Leveraging SCIENCE GENOME, we propose to discover the laws that govern the evolution of scientific enterprise and innovations.

We will develop and apply graph embedding methods to obtain coherent vector-space representations of scientific entities such as authors, papers, and concepts. Our approach is a major departure from prevailing approaches and has a potential to create a ground-breaking platform that enables coherent quantitative inquiries that encompass multiple entity types across multi-layered, multi-scale, and heterogeneous scholarly networks.