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Russian Disinformation and Propaganda Campaigns

PI: Maureen Taylor, University of Tennessee

Year selected for award: 2018

Monitoring the Content and Measuring the Effectiveness of Russian Disinformation and Propaganda Campaigns in Selected Former Soviet Union States

Principal Investigator: Maureen Taylor, University of Tennessee

Co-Investigators: Catherine Luther, Oleg Manaev, Natalie Rice, Alex Bentley, Michael Fitzgerald, Suzie Allard, and Brandon Prins - University of Tennessee

Years of Award: 2019-2021

Managing Service Agency:  Office of Naval Research

Project Description:

The five year research project is designed to assess the effectiveness of Russian propaganda messages by monitoring the content of propaganda and then measuring the effectiveness of the Russian state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation messages targeting Russian-speaking populations in three Former Soviet Union (FSU) countries, including Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus. The project is unique because it combines monitoring media and social media propaganda content and information warfare that the Russian government and its affiliates are disseminating with measuring the effectiveness of these propaganda messages in shaping the opinion of Russian-speakers.