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Understanding American Muslims Converts

PI: John Horgan, Georgia State University

Year selected for award: 2014

Understanding American Muslims Converts in the Contexts of Security and Society II

Principal Investigator: John Horgan, Georgia State University

Co-Investigators: David Malet, George Washington University, and Gentry White, Queensland University of Technology

Years of Award: 2014-2018 

Managing Service Agency: Office of Naval Research

Project Description:
The objectives of this project were to understand the causes and processes of Islamic conversion in the United States, and from this, develop an understanding of why Muslim converts tend to be statistically over-represented in cases of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. From this, the project seeks to not only provide a better and broader scientific understanding of the process of religions conversion, but also to provide an empirical basis to strengthening global security in this context.  

Select Publications:
Fodeman, A., Daniel W. Snook, and John G. Horgan. (In press). Picking Up and Defending the Faith: Activism and Radicalism among Muslim Converts in the United States. Political Psychology.
Snook, Daniel W., Michael J. Williams, and John G. Horgan. 2018. "Issues In The Sociology And Psychology Of Religious Conversion". Pastoral Psychology. 68 (2): 223-240.
Snook, Daniel W., Scott M. Kleinmann, Gentry White, and John G. Horgan. 2019. "Conversion Motifs Among Muslim Converts In The United States.". Psychology Of Religion And Spirituality.