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Moral Schemas, Cultural Conflict, and Socio-Political Action

PI: Steven Hitlin, University of Iowa

Year selected for award: 2013

Moral Schemas, Cultural Conflict, and Socio-Political Action

Principal Investigator: Steven Hitlin, University of Iowa

Co-Investigators: Rengin Firat, University of California-Riverside

Years of Award: 2014-2019

Managing Service Agency:  Office of Naval Research

Project Description:
Moral values underlie cultural conflict; perceived moral violations are fundamental motivators for socio-political behavior, especially violent extremism. Current scholarship lacks an adequate understanding of links between culture and social identities in shaping value orientations and social movements. Policy makers lack a full array of tools for understanding social unrest and devising effective strategies to promote stability and decrease violence. We address this gap by investigating the interplay of social and mental mechanisms underlying moral values, group affiliation and political mobilization comparing the U.S., Turkey, France and S. Korea. We utilize a two-phase methodology that collects large-scale survey data from the U.S., Turkey, France and South Korea to identify important value dimensions for each culture (Phase 1), and then obtain neurological and behavioral data from the U.S. and Turkey involving social influence while people respond to political items in a functional Magnetic Resonance Scanner (Phase 2).

Select Publications:
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Firat, Rengin, Hye Won Kwon and Steven Hitlin. (2018). "A Novel Measure of Moral Boundaries: Testing Perceived In-Group/Out-Group Value Differences in A Midwestern Sample." Socius. 4:1-11.
Hitlin, Steven, Hye Won Kwon and Rengin Firat. (Under Review). "In- and Out-Groups across Cultures: Identities and Perceived Values."