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Warfighter Participation in the Development and Testing of AI

PI: Nicholas Evans, UMass Lowell

Year selected for award: 2019

The Ethics of Warfighter Participation in the Development and Testing of AI-Driven Performance Enhancements

Principal Investigator: Nicholas G. Evans, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Neil Shortland, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Co-Investigators: Jonathan D. Moreno, University of Pennsylvania; Michael Gross, University of Haifa

Years of Award: 2021-2024

Managing Service Agency: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Project Description:
This project’s contribution will be significant because it will elucidate robust, tractable principles under which we can permissibly tradeoff between the rights of warfighters as patients and experimental subjects, and the health and national security benefits of emerging neuroenhancements. This impact will be created through a series of high profile academic, policy, and public deliverables.