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Economic Interdependence and National Security in the 21st Century

DECUR Partnership

Year selected for award: 2019

Economic Interdependence and National Security in the 21st Century

Program: DECUR Partnership

Co-Principal Investigators: Erik Gartzke, University of California San Diego, and David Sacko, United States Air Force Academy

Years of Award: 2020-2022

Project Description:
Our research aims to answer US strategy questions regarding economic statecraft by creating new insights focused on three areas: (1) exploring the ways in which asymmetric interdependence in investments and financial flows shape states’ power and vulnerability with respect to economic coercion; (2) defining the ways interdependence complicates cooperation and coordination among allies; and (3) creating a country-specific decision-guidance framework to help defense policy makers evaluate economic statecraft tools with respect to China and Russia. Additionally, a key component of the proposed DECUR project is engaging civilian and military students through the application of new experiential learning techniques deployed across all five of the academic and Professional Military Education (PME) institutions joining in this proposal. Students and cadets will work and train collaboratively across institutions, both developing cutting-edge data science skills and applying those skills to contribute to the substantive research at the core of this proposal.