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SPEECH | Feb. 2, 2017

Do Women Matter to National Security?

Joshua Busby and Heather Hulburt. 2017. Do Women Matter to National Security? The Men Who Lead U.S. Foreign Policy Don't Think So. Monkey Cage, Washington Post. February 2.

During the Obama administration, women moved ahead in the U.S. national security infrastructure. They held record numbers of senior national security jobs; in the military, they won the right to serve in combat positions. Researchers found that nations with higher rates of violence against women also had higher risks of conflict and instability and that when women were part of peacemaking, that peace was more durable. The United Nations’ Women, Peace and Security initiatives sought to put these insights into action globally. 

Trump administration officials, on the other hand, have suggested that gender- and other development-focused programming detracts from a focus on U.S. security and have signaled hostility toward U.N. efforts, such as considering gender in security efforts....