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News | Feb. 6, 2020

Michael Horowitz's new article on "The AI Literacy Gap Hobbling American Officialdom"

By Michael C. Horowitz and Lauren Kahn

Minerva-funded researcher, Michael Horowitz and Lauren Kahn's new article on "The AI Literacy Gap Hobbling American Officialdom" discusses how a renewed emphasis on AI education for senior leaders that will help make key decisions about programs, funding, and adoption is essential for safe and effective U.S. adoption of AI in the national security sphere. It is vital that these leaders are aware of the significance, capabilities, and risks associated with algorithms so that they are able to make the organizational shifts necessary to solidify the United States' status as a first-mover and position of strategic superiority. Different opportunities are discussed that will help promote AI expertise in government, and more widely emphasize STEM education for the benefit of future leaders.

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Associated Minerva project:
The Disruptive Effects of Autonomy: Ethics, Trust, and Organizational Decision-making