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News | Aug. 31, 2022

New Minerva-funded Publication, "Escalation Management in Gray Zone Crises: The Proxy Factor"

By Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Egle Murauskaite, David Quinn, Devin Ellis, Allison Astorino-Courtois, Corinne DeFrancisci

"This study addresses the dynamics of how states employ proxies to achieve their strategic goals in the so-called gray zone between normal competition and armed conflict. The basic question is whether the use of proxies by the challenger in a crisis decreases the probability that the defender state will respond with violence. We start by examining a broad set of crises where the initial triggering act is either nonviolent or violent, to assess whether defenders respond to proxy triggers or triggers by the challengers themselves with a greater propensity for violence (hypothesis A)"

To read the full article, click here.

Associated Minerva-funded project: The Disruptive Effects of Autonomy: Ethics, Trust, and Organizational Decision-making