Russian Disinformation and Propaganda Campaigns PI: Catherine Luther, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Empirical Analysis for Meeting Great Power Challenges PI: Stephen Biddle, Columbia University
Structure and Dynamics of the Scientific Ecosystem PI: Daniel Larremore, University of Colorado
Science Genome: A Scholarly Graph Embedding Framework PI: Yong Yeol Ahn, Indiana University
Emotions in Adversarial Information Campaigns PI: Susannah Paletz, University of Maryland
Forecasting Crisis Dynamics with Machine Coded Data PI: Erik Gartzke, University of California
Computational Framework for Assessing Absorptive Capacity PI: Jose Padilla, Old Dominion University
Asymmetric Interdependence and Statecraft PI: Adam N. Stulberg, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Central Eurasian State Capacity Initiative PI: Erik Herron, West Virginia University