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Feb. 22, 2023

Minerva-funded Research Integrated into NATO Assessment, "Children in Violent Extremism Organisations in the Middle East and Africa"

Minerva-funded Researcher, Dr. Mia Bloom's (Georgia State University) project on children in violent extremism (2015-2021) was integrated into the NATO Assessment, “Children in Violent Extremism Organisations in the Middle East and Africa”. This assessment helped determine that there is a need to better identify child recruitment patterns, especially in relation to the areas experiencing growing Violent Extremism Organisations (VEO) activity across Africa.

Feb. 7, 2023

The near crisis project: Why what you don’t know can hurt you

This event will a panel of distinguished speakers from the research team of the University of Utah’s Near Crisis Project followed by a moderated discussion.

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Does the BRI Increase China’s Influence?
By Ethan Kapstein and Jacob Shapiro | Sept. 27, 2023
"Observers claim that the BRI’s goals are twofold. First, China seeks to expand trade, especially as its domestic growth slackens. Second, through support for infrastructure projects, the Chinese government aims to bolster its soft power and exert political influence over recipient countries."
Making the Nation Safer Through Social Science
By Arie Kruglanski and Michele Gelfand | Sept. 25, 2023
With security issues tied to human behavior, cutting edge psychological science can be an indispensable tool for effective policy.

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