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April 3, 2023

New Minerva-funded White Paper,"Defense Implications for US and NATO Policymakers and their Staffs"

New Minerva-funded White Paper, "Defense Implications for US and NATO Policymakers and their Staffs" is now available at West Point Press. This White Paper introduces the concept of near crisis, and the importance of managing the pre-crisis space as part of crisis prevention rather than crisis management alone.

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Department of Defense Awards $2.8 Million for Collaborative University Social Science Research Under the Minerva Research Initiative
By Toni DeVille | May 8, 2024
The Department of Defense today announced the selection of seven DoD–university faculty teams to pursue fundamental social science research through the FY 2023 Defense Education and Civilian University Research (DECUR) Partnership, a program under the department's Minerva Research Initiative.
Venue announced for the 2024 Minerva Meeting & Program Review
By Toni DeVille | April 3, 2024
Hosted annually, the Minerva Meeting and Program review is an opportunity for Minerva grant awardees to share research findings with defense policy makers, military operations personnel, and other academics interested in national security.

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