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April 3, 2023

New Minerva-funded White Paper,"Defense Implications for US and NATO Policymakers and their Staffs"

New Minerva-funded White Paper, "Defense Implications for US and NATO Policymakers and their Staffs" is now available at West Point Press. This White Paper introduces the concept of near crisis, and the importance of managing the pre-crisis space as part of crisis prevention rather than crisis management alone.

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Minerva-funded researchers "Untangle" the Web of Online Medical Distrust
By | Oct. 17, 2023
Why does online distrust (e.g., of medical expertise) continue to grow despite numerous mitigation efforts?
New Peer-Reviewed Article, "Leadership and performance in informal institutions: the internal dynamics of BRICS" from Minerva's Rising Power Alliances Project Team
By | Oct. 6, 2023
How does leadership affect the performance of informal institutions? Leadership in BRICS is particularly puzzling: this informal institution rapidly grows despite the disparate interests of its members, some of which are in longstanding conflict. This article examines how three forms of leadership – intellectual, entrepreneurial, and structural – affect institutional performance using BRICS cooperation data.

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